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Expert Bee Removal in Aledo, Texas – Mr. Bee Removal

If you are experiencing bee troubles in Aledo, Mr. Bee Removal is here to help save the bees and get them out of your hair. In 2017, Mr. Bee Removal buzzed into existence thanks to the passion and expertise of Hany Fareed. Hany is a fifth-generation beekeeper, a true maestro when it comes to the care, removal, and handling of bees. With a lifetime of experience tending to these remarkable creatures, it was only natural for him to turn his affinity into a professional venture. In 2008, Hany brought his bee-handling skills from Egypt to the United States. After more than a decade of beekeeping in Oregon, Hany made his way to North Texas.

Upon arriving in North Texas, Hany discovered a thriving community of bee-related businesses. He wasted no time in establishing connections within this vibrant community. However, as time passed, he became increasingly aware that some of these bee removal companies were charging exorbitant fees for their services and, shockingly, resorting to extermination instead of humane removal. Fueled by his passion for preserving bee populations, Hany took the initiative to launch Mr. Bee Removal in Keller, Texas.

Every bee removal job in Aledo undertaken by Mr. Bee Removal is personally executed by Hany, although he occasionally enlists the assistance of his brother or contracted beekeepers. When you put your trust in our services, you can always count on quality results. Hany has been a proud member of the Bee Removal Association in Texas for five years, and his journey includes a remarkable 11 years of membership with the Bee Removal Association in Oregon.

If you’re seeking dedicated and meticulous bee removal services in the Aledo area, look no further than Mr. Bee Removal!

Reliable Bee Removal In Aledo You Can Trust

Mr. Bee Removal is a professional bee removal service headquartered in Keller, Texas. Our specialty lies in the safe and humane removal of bees from residential and commercial properties. Our team of experienced technicians is committed to delivering the highest quality service, employing cutting-edge technology and techniques to ensure the safe and effective elimination of bee colonies. 

We guarantee a swift, efficient, and cost-effective service, and our expert staff is always on hand to address any queries or concerns you may have. We understand the significance of maintaining your home or business bee-free and pledge to provide you with the finest quality service.

Chemical-Free Bee Removal

Are you in search of a bee removal service that is entirely chemical-free? Look no further than Mr. Bee Removal! Our team of experts is dedicated to removing bees and wasps without the use of harsh chemicals or pesticides. Instead, we employ safe and humane methods for the removal of these stinging insects, such as trapping and relocating them to a more suitable environment. If you desire a bee removal service in the Aledo area that is eco-friendly and considerate of the bees, choose Mr. Bee Removal!

Our Highly Trained Experts

Each of our professional beekeepers is highly trained and boasts years of experience in all facets of beehive removal and bee handling. Unlike regular exterminators, our team knows how to deal with bees and wasps effectively and safely. Many general exterminators employ dangerous chemicals and other methods that are not only unnecessary but also potentially harmful to you and your family.

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Bees typically spend the winter months in hibernation and tend to swarm in the spring. Swarming can indicate an overpopulated beehive. When a new queen hatches, she often leads a portion of the hive in search of a new home. Early spring is a time when swarming is prevalent, and Mr. Bee Removal is well-versed in identifying and managing these swarms. 

Every bee that we remove during a swarm is relocated to a safe location or handed over to a nearby beekeeper, ensuring their survival. When you reach out to Mr. Bee Removal, you can rest assured that an expert will promptly and efficiently take care of your bee problem, including the removal of the beehive. Your bee-related concerns are in capable hands.Contact us today to see if our services are right for you!

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